FIM 2010 Update Rollup 2

FIM 2010 Update Rollup 2 is Here, In addition to including all servicing changes made since RTM, this rollup:

  • Adds
    support for the new Extensible Connectivity Management Agent 2.0 (ECMA 2)
  • Addresses
    a possible performance issue for installations with many dynamic groups or
    criteria-based sets whose membership criteria include several conditions
  • Reverts
    a change in the previous hotfix release that treated SQL wildcard characters as
  • Addresses
    a number of other issues. 

For details, see KB2635086.

Note that this update is marked as Important/High Priority, to conform with Microsoft Update conventions for update rollups. We recommend that all FIM 2010 customers upgrade to Update Rollup 2 to take advantage of the performance and stability improvements made since RTM.

Update Rollup 2 will also be available through Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and the Microsoft Update Catalog.


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