Reflection , I am back from a 4 year adventure to the cloud


It’s been some time since writing a blog busy times over 4-year span. I was fortunate enough to lead a fantastic team focused on people and processes and come to know many great people. Over the years as a team, we were able to take a top law firm in the world to the cloud and modernize with azure its processes and gain efficiencies in many areas.

To name a few like DLP, MIP, Teams, Intune, Application Modernization, API Management, Desktop Modernization but lastly, the core to what I love helping folk learn Identity Governance security is at the root of everything we do in IT. A CISO is your peer learning to work as one. I have since moved on. I felt it was time, as I hope I left lasting impressions on the people that I was able to lead to set them on a path to progress and a renewed sense of purpose.


One thing I learned from these four years. It is not the technology or what new gadget or service we rolled out.

“People Make the Company Treat them as such.”


Thank you to all those people

David Steadman

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